Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heavy Baby

This was a lot easier to make than I thought it was going to be! It is a bag made of unbleached birdseye with arms filled with hulled millet (.89/lb - I used 2.5 lbs), covered in peach cotton/lycra 4 way stretch knit remnant from Joann's and the head. Thanks to my serger it was very quick. I started it last night and finished it this morning.

I used these directions for the head - instead of using gauze (since Joann's didn't carry any here) I just used a toddler sock - I'm sure we all have a stray one hanging around! I stuffed it with regular polyfil. I also cut the neck on the left and the right so I could lay half on the front and back to attach the head, since this wasn't a traditional Waldorf doll with a stuffed body, and just zigzagged it on several times.

After the head was attached to the millet bag, I basted a circle around the knit body fabric and cinched it tight. I then sewed around it a couple of times, reaching into the head with the needle to further make it sturdy.

The face is hand embroidered - I used regular brown thread doubled for the eyes and mouth and drew with a pencil what I wanted them to look like before backstitching them on. Ok, I actually tried to free hand it but didn't like what it looked like! When I was done, I pushed the needle deep into the head and then out the side, pulled it tight and snipped the thread. It disappeared nicely into the head!

The hat is just a long triangle that I hemmed and then serged the tall side of. The gown is a bigger version of the doll, with a little added height at the neck and longer in length so that I could add the elastic.


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